Concussion Awareness Now


USBIA is a proud partner of the CONCUSSION AWARENESS NOW initiative that was launched by BIAA and Abbott in December 2022. The coalition has teamed up with Rebel Wilson to raise awareness on the seriousness of concussions.

The contents of your head are precious: Your memories, your personality, the things that make you, you. Don’t let a brain injury put them at risk. If you hit your head, get it checked.

The pressure to not let your team down. The fear of appearing weak. Bad information from friends or the internet. This is why over half of people who think they have a concussion never seek medical care. If you or someone you know seriously hits or jolts their head, ditch the excuses. The advice is simple: Get it checked.

Check out the Concussion Awareness Now website and join the cause.

Watch Spokesperson Rebel Wilson Talk About Her Concussion