CDC News: Special Issue of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation recently released a special issue.  It focuses on work from CDC and our key partners – like you – to prevent traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to help people better recognize, respond, and recover if a TBI occurs. This body of research gives a clearer picture of TBI in the United States and the progress in the field.

Some key findings include:

•Online Training Effectiveness: CDC and the National Federation of State High School Association’s online concussion course was effective in increasing concussion-related knowledge across a wide range of individuals.

•Sports and Recreation TBI: About 7% of all sports and recreation-related injuries treated in United States emergency departments were TBIs.

•Data Sources: New sources of TBI-related data on emergency department visits and hospitalizations will increase the ability to examine subpopulations most at risk for TBI more accurately.

•Unemployment: About 60% of people (ages 16 to 60) who were discharged from inpatient rehabilitation following a TBI between 2001 and 2010 were still unemployed two years after their injury.

•Motorcycle TBI death: Motorcycle crash patients with a TBI were three times more likely to die in the emergency department compared to those without a TBI.

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