Recognition and Evaluation of Pediatric Concussions

Recognition and Evaluation of Pediatric Concussions
Children’s Safety Network eNewsletter
Oct 29, 2014

Given the increased awareness of concussion in pediatric athletes and several consensus statements in recent years we wanted to examine the attitudes and practices of pediatricians in regards to pediatric concussions.

Pediatric concussions continue to be a very important topic in sports medicine. Based on our preliminary data, the majority of pediatricians may not evaluate concussions as frequently as perceived and only feel moderately comfortable managing concussions. However, the majority of pediatricians feel comfortable implementing the return to play protocol. History and physicals continue to be the main tools for evaluation. Pediatricians need continued education to increase confidence and knowledge regarding the use of different modalities to evaluate and manage concussions. There also needs to be improved awareness regarding legislation pertaining to the management of concussions to better educate families, coaches, and physicians.

This study was presented at the AAP Conference. All findings should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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