USBIA Supports Bill to Serve Veterans

USBIA is pleased to announce that provisions of a bill designed to serve veterans with brain injury is expected to become law in short order.  The bill, Senate Bill No. 2607 (S.2607) is sponsored by New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, is known as “The Assisted Living Pilot Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Extension Act.” This Act authorizes the continuation of an important program that provides care and rehabilitation to veterans who have sustained serious brain injury.

This includes community-based rehabilitation programs through which veterans receive a broad range of physical, cognitive, and occupational therapies while living among other veterans who are receiving the same type of care while striving for the same goal – community reintegration and maximum quality of life.


Cosponsors of S.2607 include the following senators: Dean Heller, Tammy Baldwin, Mike Johanns, Mary Landrieu, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Mark Pryor.


Barbara Geiger-Parker, Chair of the United States Brain Injury Alliance, met with Senator Booker to discuss this matter at a rehabilitation facility, Bancroft, in Plainsboro, NJ on July 25.


Language of S.2607 has been incorporated into House of Representatives Bill No. 3230 (H.R. 3230) which is known as the “Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014.” Congress has passed H.R. 3230. The bill has been presented to the President for his consideration.


The USBIA appreciates the efforts of Senator Booker and his colleagues and encourages President Obama to preserve the language of S.2607 in the final version of H.R. 3230 he signs into law.


Please consider contacting President Obama to express your support for this matter. To do so, first learn how to contact the President by clicking here.