Category: Research Opportunities

The Ready to be Steady Project is a research study looking at how using a commercially available virtual-reality gaming system, the XBOX Kinect, may improve balance for people with TBI. Study participants will be asked to participate in an in-home balance therapy program and attend 4 assessments over a 6 month period at Craig Hospital

Improving Well-Being After TBI Through Structured Volunteer Activity – Have you had a traumatic brain injury? – Are you currently unemployed and looking for something meaningful to do? – Are you looking for a way to help others? – Are you 18 years or older? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a

Anger and Irritability Research Study for Brain Injury Survivors Participants Needed for a Research Study: Do you get angry with yourself or others since you had your brain injury? Are you more irritable with family, friends or co-workers than before your injury? If so, you might be able to participate in a research study about